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Thread: Help translating manuals

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    Default Help translating manuals

    I would like to ask a question regard the translation of manuals. I hope I'll be able to explain this so you can understand. The manual I've received for translation into my language is in English. Now it contains a section detailing various menu options and that they do. So they've got a table that has several columns, one containing the specific menu item (e.g. Transparency, Parental Lock, Menu Language and so on) as it appears in the software, followed by any parameters of that item (e.g ON/OFF) and in the last column there is an explanation of said item in English.

    Now I'm a little bit stumped. What are the conventions for translating these things? Do I leave original text of the menu items and parameters in English (leave Transparency ON/OFF) and only translate the explanations, which would be more intuititve for users? Or do I translate everything, including menu options and items?
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    Default Re: Help translating manuals

    Hi Robert,
    You must check with your client as it will depend on the previous translation of the UI (user interface). Often times, software developers translate all documentation but do not translate either the UI or the Help System. In that case you will defiitely need to leave all those strings untouched.

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