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English Language

The English language is often considered to be a global language as it is widely spoken throughout the world and in such countries as England, the United States and Australia. English shares its roots with other Germanic languages but its linguistics and individual words are commonly incorporated into other languages.

English Schools

As the English language is one of the most common languages to study, there are numerous schools throughout the world that teach English and provide courses in English grammar and conversation. These institutes are often directed by native English speakers that offer courses in several levels of the English language.

English Translation

As the English language is increasingly important on a global level, translation into English and translation from English of documents by skilled translators are important for business and for any other international contacts. The process of translation is performed by a translator with knowledge of both languages.


A forum is an online discussion board that covers specific topics of interest where users can make a post and leave a comment. The forum is controlled by a moderator that reads the posts in the "threads" or the topics made by other users.

Learn English

One way to learn the English language is to take English classes at an English institute or an English school, where the student who desires to learn English may improve grammar and conversation skills, usually through instruction by a native English professor.

Learn Spanish

Bilingual education, specifically here the study of the Spanish language, is key to opening doors professionally, expanding horizons throughout Central and South America, and personally, by enhancing travel opportunities in Mexico and the Carribbean. Earn a degree or a certificate to take advantage of these opportunities!

Other Resources

The Internet is a nearly limitless tool for instant worldwide communication and new resources are being discovered all the time. RSS feeds for instant updates on your favorite sites, embedded links, or P2P downloads make up an ever-expanding world where nothing imaginable is more than a click away.

Spanish Language

The Spanish language has a rich history, spreading back hundreds of years, including many classic works of literature, and currently home to tens of millions of native speakers. As a Romance language, it is linked to the Latin language of Rome and can be extremely helpful in any travels to Europe or Central and South America.

Spanish Schools

Spanish schools are an essential place for Spanish language and culture to be imparted and adpated in an organized setting. Taking part in this endeavor enables people to have an influence on the content as well as reap the rewards of changing lives.

Spanish Translation

The world is getting smaller and sending and receiving intelligible messages in the Spanish language is increasingly important with each moment that passes. There is a large Spanish-speaking audience waiting to hear from you and a professional translation into their language is the only barrier.

Teaching English

Teaching English, whether it is refining native speakers' knowledge of English grammar and rules and overall linguistics or introducing speakers of other languages to English nouns, verbs, adjectives, and punctuation, has a wealth of valuable experiences and enriching

Teaching Spanish

Teaching Spanish to kids or adults requires games and activities for class. Teachers try to teach something new, while reinforcing old material from previous classes. These sites will give you some ideas about teaching Spanish.


Translation is the act of writing a language in a language different than the original while maintaining the meaning, style, and tone. These sites give information about translation companies, techniques, history, etc.

Translation Companies

Translation companies provide language solutions for those wishing to put a text into a different language. They employ professional translators and managers, experts in the field, who translate a document from one language to another. It may then be edited and proofread. These sites provide more information about translation companies.

Translation Marketplaces

Translation marketplaces are internet sites or other places where professional translators can look for translating jobs or places to provide their services. These sites discuss translation marketplaces.