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Thread: Golden Afternoon

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    Default Golden Afternoon

    Hello, I am a children's dance director for a Montessori elementary school and I am looking to use a song, but I need to check the lyrics. I can't find them printed anywhere to use a translator app and unfortunately I don't know anyone who speaks fluent Portuguese.
    Here is an audio track from Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqLlg27JBIs if someone would be so kind as to give it a quick listen. I don't need word for word, just a general understanding to make sure that if there happens to be Portuguese speaking family members in the audience, I won't offend them. I sincerely doubt that it will, it's a beautiful song, but I have to be sure.
    Thank you!

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    To me it sounds like an afternoon when Lewis Carroll was using events around him for inspiration for his books. I hheard that he knew a girl called Alice in real life so maybe an afternoon rowing on a lake with children gave him inspiration? Just a thought. I'm not a Carroll expert.

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