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Thread: ideas for New Year's Eve menu

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    Default ideas for New Year's Eve menu

    Hello all,
    This year I'm hosting a family dinner on New Year's Eve and I was wondering what everyone else is cooking for the occasion. The traditional meal here in Argentina consists of chicken, pork and salads. I want to "go crazy" this year and make something different. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: ideas for New Year's Eve menu

    Victoria, hi
    I remember once I prepared the cold beetroot soup/cream - it is a russian dish.
    Blend chicken or meat broth with chopped, cooked beetroot and all the spices you like (this will be a warm cream by then) and after that, add one big spoon of natural yogurt to each bowl. Take it to the fridge and serve it cold! I served it with cheese bread.

    Feliz Ano Novo!

    Um beijo


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