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Thread: Question about freelance translation

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    Default Question about freelance translation

    If you're not certified as a foreign language translator, can you still do freelance work? I'm trying to get into NYU SCPS program Spanish-English translation studies. Problem is, my credit is horrible because of being nice to my family & trying to help them out, only to find out they were using me & taking advantage of me & destroyed my credit, & I can't find a job. I can't even get a continuing education loan. Do you know if there's a possibility that I can get a Continuing Ed. loan if my credit score is below 500, & I receive SSI & Social Security benefits? Low, fixed income. I have a neurological disability (Tourette's). If I can't get a loan, I just wonder if I can legally freelance as a translator online, without a certificate. If so, what sites can I use? Is Pro-Z legit or scam? What about Translator's Cafe'? I have my BA in Spanish. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Question about freelance translation

    To be a freelance translator you need to be a good translator.

    Keep in mind that all your clients will check the quality of your work and generally if the quality is bad, they'll stop sending projects.
    You can always do a short course to specialize in a field or a specific software, as far as I know, becoming a real freelancer takes time. You won't find zillions of people waiting for you to go freelance and send you projects, it's a slow process, building a clients' base.

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