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Thread: help !!! it's urgent

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    Default help !!! it's urgent

    Hi, this is what i need to translate:

    Estos reportes no funcionan correctamente por un asunto técnico que tiene que ver con la configuración puntual de los reportes una vez que estos se instalan dado que provienen de un servidor distinto, para explicarme mejor esto ocurre generalmente cuando se traspasa un reporte de un servidor a otro,

    This is what i tought:

    These reports don’t work properly due to a technical issue related to the reports specific configuration after they’re installed since they come from a different server. For example, this generally happens when you move a report from one server to another

    I think the first sentence is too long...but i don`t know how to change it whitout changing the meaning of the original text....any ideas?
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    Default Re: help !!! it's urgent

    Francamente, no veo el problema. I think your translation is fine. But I can shorten the points.

    These reports do not work correctly because of a technical matter. It has to do with the precise configuration of the reports once they're installed and occurs because they originate in a different server. To better explain, this usually happens when a report is transferred from one server to another, i.e. BACKUPBOSS to BOSS.
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