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Thread: I need help about my test

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    Question I need help about my test

    Hello I have a test, but I do not have the correct answers. I tried to solve it. Could you please help me to find out correct answers ? Thank you

    Here are the answers I did

    1 a
    2 b
    3 e
    4 e
    5 d
    6 b
    7 a
    8 a
    9 b 34 d
    10 e 35 c
    11 a 36 a
    12 d 37 b
    13 a 38 a
    14 b 39 a
    15 e 40 a
    16 b 41 d
    17 c 42 e
    18 e 43 a
    19 e 44 b
    20 a 45 c
    21 b 46 d
    22 e 47 a
    23 a 48 c
    24 b 49 d
    25 b 50 c

    Here are the questions

    1.Why don’t you write the answers …….. the
    A)of B)to C)through D)by E)in

    2. I will be waiting for you at ……. platform 2
    tomorrow. After we meet there, we can go to
    …….. prison to visit Mike
    A)--- / the B)the / ---- C)the / the
    D)the / a E)--- / ---

    3 .It ........... ten hours since I last ...........

    A) has been / had eaten B) was / ate
    C) is / eaten D) was / had eaten
    E) has been / ate

    4. Don’t call me between 8 and 9.30 because I
    .......... a football match then.
    A) will have watched B)will watch
    C)watch D)am watching
    E)will be watching

    5 . All my life, I ............. on an airplane only
    once, and on that single occasion, I .............
    rather nervous during the whole journey.

    A) was / have felt
    B) will be / am feeling
    C) am / have been feeling
    D) have been / felt
    E) am going to be / feel

    6 .Mike ............. four books since the beggining
    of the holiday, and he ............. to finish four
    more before the end of it.

    A) reads / wanted
    B) has read / wants
    C) is reading / wants
    D) read / has wanted
    E) has been reading / wants

    7 . I don’t think Mary ............. herself. Look
    how bored she ............. to be.

    A) enjoys / is appearing
    B) enjoy / has appeared
    C) is enjoying / appears
    D) was enjoyed / appeared
    E) has enjoyed / was appearing

    8 .There are two ashtrays on the table . ..........
    of them is mine.
    A)The big B)The bigger C)The biggest
    D)Biggest E)The big one

    9 .Will you ………….me to switch off the radio
    before going out?

    A)remember B)remind C)recognize
    D)realize E)recommend

    10 .It is going to be my first proper holiday for years, so I’m really ………… it

    A)expecting B)hoping C)feeling
    D)staring at E)looking forward to

    11 .He …….. the teacher to repeat the question

    A)demanded B)helped C)asked
    D)said E)recommended

    12 .Hey! Look! Your shoes want ……….

    A)to polish B)polish C)polished
    D)polishing E)to be polishing

    13 .I couldn’t recognize her at first, because I
    ......... her for years, and she ....... a lot.

    A) haven’t seen / has changed
    B) hadn’t seen / had changed
    C) wasn’t seeing / changed
    D) don’t see / changes
    E) won’t see / has changed

    14 . Let’s go to the exhibition . It ......... be interesting.
    A) had to B) is supposed to C) had better
    D) seemed to E) has to

    15 .............. yesterday, I would have asked him
    not to do that.

    A) Had he come B) Provided he came
    C) If he has came D) Unless he came
    E) What if he came

    16. I’d rather you............. on an earlier train.

    A) leave B) left C) will leave
    D) would leave E) are leaving

    17.The teacher saw Mike ………. in the pool.

    A)swim B)to swim C)swimming
    D)swam E)swum

    18 . The population of China is more than …..

    A) these of which Japan B) that of Japan
    C) to Japan D) Japan
    E)in Japan

    19 . Tim arrived at the station …..a taxi but in fact he had planned to go there ……..bus

    A) by/by B) in/in C) by/in
    D) in/on E) in/by

    20 . I ……………….out with my new collegues but I decided to stay at home, so that was better.

    A)could go B)should C)could have gone
    D)would have gone E)would go

    21 . My boss insisted that Susan .... at the meeting on time.

    A)was B)be C)were D)has been E)had been

    22 .The gang of Tigers were believed ………………

    A)that they robbed the bank
    B)to rob the bank
    C)to have robbed the bank
    D)that would rob the bank
    E)they had robbed the bank

    23 .I …………… like that because he didn’t deserve to be punished. You did wrong. Look! She is crying.

    A)wouldn’t have done B)were to do
    C)couldn’t have done D)had to do
    E)shouldn’t have done

    24 .My father asked …………

    A)that I will call him after 8 o’clock
    B)if my mother can go to her parents’
    C)why did I go out without permission
    D)where had his father gone
    E)whether I could pass all the exams

    25.The wind ................. so hard last night that it ........................ several tiles off our roof.
    A)will be blowing / is going to rip
    B)was blowing / ripped
    C)had been blowing / will rip
    D)blew / rips
    E)has been blowing / has ripped

    34. There is a pool in your university. But you know that the water is polluted and swimming is dangerous. One of your friends decides to go for a swim and you warn him by saying;
    A)Hey, you! Don’t swim there, do something else…
    B)Have fun but if I were you, I wouldn’t swim there.
    C)Are you silly? How can you swim in this dirty
    D)Don’t swim in this water! It’s very dirty and you
    may get ill.
    E)If I had a time, I would be pleased to come with you

    35. You want to do something with a friend of
    yours. How can you offer him to do an activity
    A)I've heard that there is a good film on show at
    B)Do you have an idea more interesting than mine?
    C)Let’ s go to the theater, shall we?
    D)This time I'll never object to you.
    E)We are good friends to do anything together

    36. You try a pair of shoes which aren't big
    enough for you. What do you say to the shop assistant?
    A)These are a bit small. Have you got them in a larger size?
    B)These fit very well. I'll take them, please.
    C)What time does the shop close?
    D)Can I pay by credit card?
    E)I'll just see.. No, I'm afraid, I haven't.

    37 .Your father is tired and has a lot of work to do in the garden. How can you offer some help
    for him?

    A)I think you've been torturing yourself in vain.
    B)You seem to be rather exhausted, let me repair
    the fence for you, dad.
    C)In fact I must help you but I've been too busy
    D)Unless I had been so busy, I'd have helped you
    E)Isn’t there anybody to help you except me?

    38 .Lena: You seem awful Jane!
    Jane : I've got a headache, that's all.
    Lena :......………………..
    Jane : Don't worry my dear, I'm accustomed to
    it. I get well in an hour.
    A)But you seem to have caught a terrible cold.
    B)Then you must tell me all about it.
    C)Not very well, I'm afraid. I see that you never
    sleep well in a strange bed.
    D)I'm exhausted. It's been a hard day for me.
    E)Oh, Mark has got a cold and a slight temperature

    39. Won : So how’s your French class going?
    Jan : ..................................
    Won : Well, it takes a while to get it right. You
    could improve your accent by listening to tapes
    Jan : That’s a good idea. But how do you learn new vocabulary? I always seem to forgot new
    A)Not bad, but I’m finding the pronunciation
    B)Perfect. I have already learnt French.
    C)Just OK and I think it’s easy to learn new words
    D)How long does it take to learn a little French
    E)I think I should do something to be good at French

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    Default Re: I need help about my test

    40 .Brent : How was your dinner party?
    Adam : I think it went pretty well. People really
    seemed to enjoy themselves.
    Brent : That’s good.
    Adam : .............................................
    Brent : Really? How late did he stay this time?
    Adam : Until two o’clock in the morning!
    A)Yeah, but we shouldn’t have invited my wife’s
    boss again.
    B)Everything was good, but my wife wasn’t enjoying
    herself well.
    C)Expect my boss, all the guests did whatever they
    D)Sure. But I was sleepy at the end of the party because the guests left late.
    E)The guests shouldn’t have stayed late at the party.

    41.Mrs. Brown : Where did you go last summer?
    Mrs. Bentley: We went to Egypt.
    Mrs. Brown : …………………… ?
    Mrs. Bentley: No, this year we can not afford to go anywhere.

    A)Did you enjoy the hot climate
    B)What are you planning to do this year
    C)Did you enjoy going by ship
    D)And this year? Will you be going there again
    E)Did it cost you much to fly there

    Are you familiar with the belief about broken mirrors? If you break one, you are supposed to have seven years of bad luck or ill health. This belief is about two thousands years old. The early Romans were the first to have this notion. They thought that a person’s health changed in cycles of seven years. They believed that mirrors reflected one’s health.
    So to break a mirror was to break one’s health.

    42 .The story doesn’t say …...

    A)what is supposed to happen if you break a mirror
    B)how old this notion is
    C)what the Romans thought about the cycles of health
    D)what might happen if you fix a broken mirror
    E)this thought started about 200 years ago

    43 .If a mirror is broken, ……

    A)it means that this case won’t bring you good luck
    B)people think that it will bring you happiness
    C)you should call a mender
    D)it doesn’t mean that it will bring you bad luck
    E)the auther says that good luck will last seven years

    44 .From the passage we can say that …..

    A)the first people to have this notion were the British
    B)this belief started about twenty centruies ago
    C)if you break a mirror, you give people good luck
    D)broken mirrors reflected people’s love
    E)according to the early Romans’ belief, mirrors
    showed one’s health

    Development is essential. Unless there is growth and development, the standard of living cannot rise. It is ridiculous to expect people with a high standard of living to suddenly stop buying luxury items and driving cars. No one wants environmental disaster, but equally no one wants to go back to the Dark Ages. Providing that development is controlled, it can do no harm. Without economic growth we would still be living in mud huts.

    45)It's claimed in the paragraph that growth and development .......
    A)is the basic element of our improving life
    B)is the sense which is far from an environmental disaster
    C)are the signs of a satisfying life
    D)are too ridiculous to expect for people
    E)is necessary for the high standard of living

    46)One can infer from the paragraph that........
    A)no one ever goes back to the Dark Ages
    B)development is controlled in order to harm environment less
    C)environment was better during the dark ages
    D) economic growth must develop gradually
    E) everything has been based on development

    47)Unless there is an economic growth ........
    A)you are bound to live in the darkness
    B)we are bound to live in primitive houses
    C)development must be parallel to the age during this process
    D)It is ridiculous to expect people to live peacefully
    E)nobody can suddenly stop buying luxury items and driving cars

    Some people do not like children in cinemas because they might make a lot of noise. If the film interests the children they make very good audiences and often forget that the events they are seeing are not real. Once the audience was in complete silence, watching a scene in which a girl was about to miss a train. Suddenly they heard a child shouting.’Oh, please do be quick or you will miss the train!’ Then everyone in the cinema started to laugh.

    48.Children are not wanted in the cinema
    because ..........
    A)they are frightened of the dark
    B)they always make good audiences
    C)sometimes they do not keep quiet.
    D)they always shout and run
    E)they like some characters like Casper.

    49.Children ................................

    A)easily forget what they see in a film
    B)are too young to go to the cinema
    C)get so excited that they usually miss the train
    D)sometimes take for real what they see in a film
    E)should be said to be quiet in the cinema.

    50.The audience laughed when the child ...........

    A)missed the train
    B)tried to stop the train
    C)shouted to the girl in the film
    D)started to cry
    E)wanted to stop the train

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    Default Re: I need help about my test

    Hey fortik...Right from the start, I see mistakes for which I recommend you to use a quite valuable resource when it comes to the use of prepositions like the dictionary on Collocations. You can easily find it in the web (e.g. first one goes "answer to the questions" not for)

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    Default Re: I need help about my test

    I checked the first 15 questions for you, and recommended the grammar structure that you need to brush up on. These questions test basic grammar and note that if this had been a 15pt test, you would have hardly passed it with a grade of 8/15, so get on your toes with grammar

    1 a B review prepositions
    2 b A review the use of determined articles
    3 e
    4 e
    5 d
    6 b
    7 a C review simple present vs present continuous and when linking verbs (appears)cannot be used in present participle (ing)
    8 a C review the structure of superlative adjectives and when 'the' is required
    9 b
    10 e
    11 a C asked=pedir / demand=exigir
    12 d
    13 a B review the use of past perfect which is the 'past of the past'
    14 b
    15 e A review the use of modal verbs and modal expressions

    Let me know if you still need the rest or if you already took the exam.
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