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Thread: por medio del presente hago constar

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    Default por medio del presente hago constar


    a couple of things, how can I translate into english:

    "por medio del presente hago constar..."


    "a solicitud del interesado y para los fines legales que convengan se extiende la presente constancia"



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    Default Hola

    1-I hearby certify that...

    2- At the request of the interested party for all pertinent legal purposes that the present instrument be issued.

    Espero te sirva. Suerte!

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    I agree with Mem, though in the second one I would also suggest:

    At the request of the interested party and for all the relevant legal purposes, this certificate is issued.

    Best wishes!

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    Default Correccion

    Disculpen una correccion:

    I hereby certify.

    Tambien podria poner: This is to certify that...

    Al final se podria poner tambien:

    This certificate is issued at the request of the interested party for any purpose they may deem convenient.

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