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Thread: Audio traduction... please help me :(

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    Default Audio traduction... please help me :(

    I'm Italian and I have big problems to understand English when it isn't written...
    Now I have a Audio of an English game (american) but without subtitles I can't understand what they say...

    So, PLEASE, is there a holy person that can make a TXT file with the dialogue of this (http://www.mediafire.com/?40zbmnm4fyo) MP3 audio?
    It is only of two minutes...

    Please help me

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    Ecco quello che ho fatto. Un paio de volte non si capisce niente.



    Ha, ha, ha, ha!
    What evil have you brought from the city, Persian.
    It’s that evil that I bring, Spartan.
    I bring the might of Persia and the sacrament of unification. As we speak … this land so that it may embrace the glory of the Persian empire.
    Olivus has sent a message, and I am here to deliver it.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha!
    And you’re just a messenger.
    So take this message back to your little God.
    It would take more than a pathetic Spartan to stop the power of the empire.

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    This sounds like the movie 300!

    What video game is it?

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