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Thread: need help traslating this

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    Post need help traslating this

    Guys, need help with this couple documents:

    Now comesthe Defendant in the above referenced case, ____, by and through undersigned counsel, and hereby enters a plea of guilty in absentia to the charge of ASSAULT, a misdemeanor of the first degree, in violation of the _____ Revised Code § __________
    Defendant makes this plea knowingly, intelligently and voluntary through his counsel. Defendant understands that if he is not a citizen of the United States, his conviction of Assault, to which he has plead guilty to, may have the consequences of deportation, exclusion from admission to the United States, or denial of naturalization, pursuant to the laws of the United States.

    Here is the other one:

    Now comes,___________. Defendant in the above captioned matter, being of sound and disposing mind, eighteen years of age or older and after being duly sworn and depose states the following information is personally known by me to be true or believed by me to be true:

    • My name is ___________ and I am a native of Mexico and a citizen of Mexico.
    • That at the time of my plea to the charge of domestic violence, I was not asked if I was an American Citizen, nor was I advised that my plea could result in my deportation or denial for naturalization.
    • That as a consequence of the plea, I was involuntarily removed from the United States, and I am currently precluded from filing for naturalization.
    • I am requesting that the ____________allow my presence to be waived at all stages of these proceedings due to my involuntary removal from the United States.
    • I am authorizing my attorney, _______________, to enter a plea in abstentia on my behalf, to the charge of Assault, a first degree misdemeanor, in violation of the __________ Revised Code section ________________.

    Further affiant sayeth naught,

    Thank you

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    Default Suggestion

    You should contact a translation agency.

    There you will find lots of translators who will help you at affordable fees.

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    Well said, reminder!

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