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Thread: Spanish Novela's

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    Quote Originally Posted by lylek
    I would suggest watching movies over TV shows, personally. I have noticed that with Telemundo and similar programs, epecially on the news segments, they speak incredibly rapidly and unless you are familiar with the dialect they are speaking, it might be difficult to increase your oral communication skills by watching them. Movies allow for some amount of selection (accents, etc.) and can be paused, rewound, etc. I would also suggest downloading actual episodes of TV programs from other countries. I agree with the Simpsons suggestion; If you have already watched a show in English, it might help you to compare what you know the characters are saying to what you're hearing. I did this with "Friends," "The Simpsons," "Futurama," and "Family Guy" while I lived in Spain and found it relatively helpful.

    Sorry for writing so much; hope this is helpful!

    Un saludo,
    Great advice.. I tape a show called 12 corazones, Its a dating show on the spanish chanell and I put the subtitles on when they talk too fast and I learn alot that way because I can rewind.. The new's is too fast for me, I can understand some of it, but alot of it is too fast.. even the spanish captions can keep up with the new's reporters

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    I agree with the others...in my experience cooking shows are great to practice because they put the action with the words which helps to solidify the vocabulary. It is also a great way to learn regional foods and explore the culture a little bit. As far as movies, there are TONS of great movies in Spanish. You could also try putting the subtitles in Spanish while you watch it so that you can see the words as well as hear the language. While movies/TV programs, etc. are great ways to supplement your language learning, the best way is to start speaking and writing it with native speakers. This forum is a great place to ask your questions, so keep on posting!

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