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Thread: I want to practice speaking Spanish with natives

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    Default I want to practice speaking Spanish with natives


    I'm an intermediate Spanish speak but I want to be more fluent for my job. Are there any programs/course that I can take? I'm looking for a class where I can practice speaking with native spanish speakers. There are online Skype English speaking courses like this so hoping there is something similar for Spanish too. I don't want to re-learn grammar..just want to focus on speaking. Let me know any suggestions.


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    Default Re: I want to practice speaking Spanish with natives

    Hello Ish!!! There are two which I'm familiar with; one is Duolingo (but this one is more focused on the grammar but it is a very friendlly easy to use plataform and it is free which is nice!) and the other is Verbling there you can find online tutors tu practice with!

    Hope it helps!

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