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Thread: Looking to practice spoken Spanish...

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    Default Looking to practice spoken Spanish...


    I'm vietnamese by origin. I recently got a new job working in latin America. I want to improve my Spoken Spanish. I can speak but not very fluent.

    Are there any programs/websites where I can directly practice conversational Spanish with native speakers? Sometime back I used a similar site to improve English speaking. I want to try a similar approach to improve spanish? I don't want to waste time on grammar too much - just want to practice speaking over Skype… Let me know any recommendations you have.


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    Default Re: Looking to practice spoken Spanish...

    Hi there!

    I found this:

    Skype one-on-one Spanish lessons

    I think it's just for you!

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    Default Re: Looking to practice spoken Spanish...

    LiveMocha has got a special unit dedicated to speaking. You can record something and then a native corrects your pronunciation, grammar, syntax...

    Livemocha - Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online

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