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Thread: need help with translation of a word (construction term)

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    Default need help with translation of a word (construction term)

    I need the translation for the construction word "Waterstop". A waterstop is used a cemented joint to prevent water from leaking up or down the joint. The waterstop is usually dumbell in shape and made of PVC. ( Poly Vinyl plastic)


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    Default Waterstop - Impermeabilización

    Normalmente entre las juntas de dilatación de un edificio que se encuentre sometido a humedades exteriores se pone una material impermabilizante, ya sea resinas (epoxi) o tela asfaltica para evitar que transmita esa humedad exterior al interior del edificio ya que el hormigón es permeable.

    Waterstop = material impermeabilizante (sea cual sea).


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    I am not sure about the dumbell shape of a waterstop. For sure a waterstop material is "impermeabilizante" but with such shape...???? can you offer, if needed of course, more context? Maybe impermeabilizante will do, but what does not seem to fit is the dumbell shape.
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