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Thread: constancia fehaciente?

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    Red face constancia fehaciente?

    How do you translate CONSTANCIA FEHACIENTE?
    in blue my translation, and below in black the original text in spanish.

    EIGHTH (NOTIFICATIONS):.- All the notifications to be made between the parties for the purposes of this contract, shall be made through telegram and certificate with a receipt of notification, or any other authentic written mean of communcation, which provides record of consignor and consignee.
    OCTAVA: (NOTIFICACIONES).- Toda notificación entre las partes que deba ser efectuada según este contrato, se realizará por telegrama colacionado y certificado, con aviso de recibo u otro medio auténtico, escrito, de comunicación, del que quede constancia fehaciente para el destinatario y el remitente.---------------------------------------------------------------

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    Default Re: constancia fehaciente?

    Yo diria que puedes traducir fehaciente como "accurate", osea "accurate record".

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    Default Re: constancia fehaciente?

    Another option could be "conclusive evidence" , or "conclusive proof"

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    Default Re: constancia fehaciente?

    I agree with Hebe. I would choose the option "conclusive evidence" .



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