Hello dear colleagues!

Knowing that linguists and namely, translators not only dwell on practice but tend to work with written and digital data we have come up with LCard - Powerful FREE data entry system, editor, info sorter and classifier
Designed for Windows® XP

With LCard you can have a fast and efficient way of organizing your list-based data. This product is your best aide in keeping, sorting, classifying and editing (if needed) your data – source, authors, date lists especially in humanities, a sphere where you need to have a huge amount of heterogeneous data at your fingertips.
You no longer need to fumble in a huge amount of papers or cards looking for the necessary on and getting lost in all this paper tapestry – you have a brand new generation data collector, editor and saver. With LCard your materials are easy and quick to access, look attractive and structured and you can always organize them the way you want it http://lingresource.com/web/guest/7. Enjoy it's FREE now!