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Thread: III Internacional Symposium Atimac

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    Default III International Symposium - Atimac - Monterrey, Mexico

    Press Release

    Monterrey, NL, Mexico, Sept. 29, 2007

    The Monterrey Association of Translators and Interpreters is honored to invite you to attend the III International Symposium and Atimac Convention:

    Translation: A Business Without Borders.

    This year our event will focus on the trends, tools and professional requirements of our trade in light of needs stemming from the emergence of new markets and the continuous quality improvements that will help us better prepare for competing in a global environment.

    This year we have speakers from Argentina, Colombia, the USA and Mexico who will present on the topics of quality standards and their impact on our work, the training and functions of interpreters for court proceedings, techniques for improving editing and correction of translation memory-generated translations, the role of translators and interpreters in the Mexican movie market, techniques and tools to prevent computer font problems, and an update on new tax policies.

    For more information, schedules and dates, please visit our web site:



    Executive Committee
    Atimac 2007-2008
    Monterrey, NL, Mexico
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    Default III International Symposium

    Hi echarro,
    I would really like to receive information regarding the outcome of this Symposium. Please, let me know when you get a chance. Thanks!!

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