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Thread: reviewers' complaints about bad quality translations

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    Default reviewers' complaints about bad quality translations

    Hello all,
    I had a project where the assigned reviewer complained about the quality of the translation saying that it was way too bad and it was taking him too long to correct it. He demanded some kind of compensation. What would you do in this case? Compensate the reviewer? If so how can you prove the quality is actually poor?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: reviewers' complaints about bad quality translations

    Hi Andreap,
    Usually, when I send a project to a reviewer, I try to send it to someone I trust, so I don’t have to ask myself this question. If I have no one I know is good in that pair.. I would send it to a third person, for them to take a quick look and confirm the quality is poor, or deny it.

    If the quality is poor, and the reviewer has to re- write most of it, I usually take a percentage out of the translator's pay (letting them know, of course, and explaining the why) and add it to the reviewer’s.
    Hope this helps


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