I need to find information in my database. Usually i do "phrasing" and then search concepts.
But the language is so complex....
I have nearly 800000 registers and many times i last five minutes to find an information process.
So I would like to use keys or simplification of my language.
I need a sort of phrases simplifier.
This is not easy to find in spanish for the spanish language.

I would like :
An empty translation engine to assign terminology to be equivalent when I need to traduce my phrase" to simple spanish.
Really i don't need much.
the main field in my database is 33 characters long. And there is all i need to find something quickly

By example :

"Calcular el número pi" can translate to "Evaluar número pi"
where "calcular" is replaced by the main synonym assign and the article is suppressed.

Is like a translation machine for simplifying purposes.
I need this tool only for the spanish language

Do you know any simplififier machine ?

Best Regards