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Thread: Tag Editor & Excell

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    Default Tag Editor & Excell

    Hi! I was wondering if any of you could explain to me why it is so difficult to merge Excell documents that were divided between different translators that have worked on it using Tag Editor.
    I´ve had problems both for merging and for using the "Save us" button option in order to recover the excell format.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi, I will describe the steps just to follow your question:

    1) Open the MS Excel file in Trados TagEditor
    2) Save a bilingual file (.ttx)
    3) Agree with the translators which part should translate each one.
    4) Receive each part translated and update the TM
    5) Run the TM on the .ttx
    6) Save as target and overwrite the source MS Excell with the translation

    Let me know if it was of help!

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    Default Excell & Tag Editor

    Thanks Top Notch! That was basically what we did, the problem was the last step when trying to Save as Target...The software just wouldn´t overwrite the soure file...Was the file corrupted do you think?

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