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The article states that students are now expected to do their work as a team and not as individuals, the shift toward group work is a good development and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that teamwork has many drawbacks and refutes each of the authorís reasons.

First, the reading claims that solutions are likely to be found more quickly working as a group; people are likely to have different creative ideas that contribute to develop the task. The professor refutes this point by saying that this task will take longer time because students will have a wide range of different ideas and the agreement wonít be fast.

Secondly, the article posits that students will be encouraged to try and communicate new ideas and this will produce more creative results. However, the professor says that many ideas will lead to a waste of time. According to the professor, in a team work one or two students will lead the rest and they will only contribute with their ideas and the rest of the students will be afraid to talk and express their opinions.

Third, the reading says that students will take more risks and will actively contribute to the group. The professor opposes this point by explaining that some lazy students are more likely to not contribute to do the hard work but at the end they will be given the same credit as the others, therefore not all the group will be satisfied for their work.