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Thread: Need career advice

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    Default Need career advice

    I'm a native English speaker based in the U.S., bilingual in Spanish, and I'm considering getting certified in translating. I know that here in the states there is generally more work going from English to Spanish, so I was wondering how easy/difficult it might be to build a career in this field translating from Spanish to English assuming the following:

    -Master's certification from a U.S. university
    -Average to above average competency/talent in translation (eventually, I hope)
    -Above average writing skills in English

    I'd appreciate any comments from some of the seasoned pros out there.


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    Default The little I can tell you...

    I'm not living in the States right now, though I was living for quite some time in Canada and for what I know, the situation is quite similar. Perhaps you could open your view not only to the local market, but also to the international one.
    (Again, perhaps you thought about it already... just my grain of sand)

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