The documentary talks about the current state of the Earth, its climate and how humans as the dominant species, alter your future. Something that stands the documentary is the link, ie how all organisms and the Earth are connected together in a "delicate but crucial" balance and how a body can not be self-sufficient.
With images of huge volcanic landscapes, Home explains the origins of the evolution of unicellular algae present in the cells at the edges of volcanic springs; and the fact that a huge number of species of plants originate from this single-celled organism.
Then the documentary achieves human activities centered approach to the scope, showing the agricultural revolution and its impact; then discusses the use of oil, industry, cities and inequality as never before experienced. The grim situation of breeding cattle, deforestation, food and water shortages, the crisis of over-quarrying and energy shortages, ie, electricity is portrayed. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Jaipur and Dubai in particular, are an example to show mismanagement and waste of energy, water and food. The recession of glaciers and wetlands is through massive aerial photographs of Antarctica, the North Pole and Africa, while mass emigration of refugees to provide an environmental disaster.

My project is to take home the park Garupal Valledupar and make a campaign for water conservation inside and outside the home