I am actually trying to translate the vegetation types from "UNESCO (White's) Vegetation Map of Africa", in particular those for Angola. As Angola's official language is Portuguese, I am trying to translate them into Portuguese. Your help would be most appreciated. If such information existed as an actual document (in Portuguese) then even better, though unfortunately I have not had much success here.

2- Guineo-Congolian rain forest: drier types
6- Zambezian dry evergreen forest
11- Mosaic of lowland rain forest and secondary grassland (a) Guineo-Congolian (b) Malagasy
15- West African coastal mosaic
19- Undifferentiated montane vegetation (a) Afromontane; (b) Sahelomontane; (c) Malagasy J=Juniperus procera forest M=mixed forest
22- Mosaic of dry deciduous forest and secondary grassland (a) Zambezian (b) Malagasy
25- Wetter Zambezian miombo woodland (dominated by Brachystegia, Julbernardia and Isoberlinia)
28- Colophospermum mopane woodland and scrub woodland
29- Undifferentiated woodland (a) Sudanian (b) Ethiopian (c) North Zambezian (d) South Zambezian (e) Transition to Tongaland-Pondoland bushland
36- Transition from Colophospermum mopane scrub woodland to Karoo-Namib shrubland
47- Mosaic of Brachystegia bakerana thicket and edaphic grassland
51- Bushy Karoo-Namib shrubland
60- Edaphic and secondary grassland on Kalahari Sand
64- With semi-aquatic vegetation
74- The Namib desert (Namib)
75- Herbabeous swamp and aquatic vegetation
77- Mangrove