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Thread: no adjuncts to speak of

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    Default no adjuncts to speak of

    Hola. ¿Cómo se traduciría "adjuncts to speak of" en el texto siguiente?: It was no use disguising the fact, I relished the bird. He had no adjuncts to speak of. There was no bread sauce, no tongue , no ham, no anything to recommend him to a man who was in the habit of dining well;...
    No me suena bien "apéndices de los que hablar".
    Gracias por la ayuda.

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    Default Re: no adjuncts to speak of

    Adjunct: something added to another thing but not essential to it. .

    En contexto quiere decir que el ave no tenia nada para recomendarlo y yo diria algo como ... no tenia nada extra (especiál). No habia salsa, ni lengua, ni jamon, nada...

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