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Thread: Speak to us now through the Word as we

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    Default Speak to us now through the Word as we

    Buenas...Muchas gracias por su comentarios anteriores...Pero ahora tengo una duda de como usar el "as we" al final de la frase. Abajo le dejo en contexto:

    "And our hearts are happy tonight because that last evening we not only
    seen You heal the sick, but we seen the mighty working power of God to
    change the sinner to a Christian. There was happy homes today because of
    that. And Father, we are grateful for this. And we pray tonight that You will
    double the number. Send every sinner to the altar; heal every sick person.
    Speak to us now through the Word as we, as Your humble vessels, endeavor
    to try to bring the Word of God, the Word of life, to the people. We pray that
    You will bless our feeble efforts. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. You may be

    Además creo que la frase "as Your humble vessels" significa "como sus humildes vasos"?...


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    Default Re: Speak to us now through the Word as we

    Es que no está al final de la frase: "Háblanos ahora através del Verbo así como nosotros, tus humildes vasijas (vasos), nos esforzamos por llevar la Palabra de Dios, el Dios de la vida, a la gente."+
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