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Thread: Help translate this?

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    Default Help translate this?

    I need help with my research paper for Spanish 3. please help me translate this. thanks

    Sabogal began painting when he was just 3 years old. He began selling his paintings when he was just 12 years old. He was influenced by the South American Culture. Most of his paintings are of People and animals in South America. He is very talented.

    If you can translate this to spanish that would be great. Please no slang. Thanks.

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    Default Re: ayudar?

    Sabogal comenzó a pintar cuando tenía sólo 3 años. Comenzó a vender sus pinturas cuando tenía solamente 12 años. Estaba influenciado por la cultura Sudamericana. La mayoría de sus pinturas son sobre personas y animales en Sudamérica. Es muy talentoso.

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    Exclamation Re: Help translate this?

    ¡Hola Robkule422! // Hi Robkule422!

    Este es un hilo repetido. Ya has hecho esta pregunta en este hilo: Help translate this? // This is a repeated thread. You alredy asked the same in this thread: Help translate this?

    Estamos para ayudarte, no para realizar tus tareas. // We are here to help you, not to do your homework.
    ¡Gracias! // Thanks!

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