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Thread: Setting available languages for Trados 2009 Freelancer version

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    Post Setting available languages for Trados 2009 Freelancer version

    Hi All! I'm in big trouble! First time I set my new Trados 2009 (Freelancer version) with the help of the Wizard I paid careful attention when selecting the five available languages and everything went fine. I don't know what happened, but last Saturday, when opening the application, I was prompted again to reuse the Wizard (one of many SDL's setbacks?).
    I was in such a rush that I only chose four languages and forgot one that I most regularly use. To make a long story short, now I can't use my old TMs in the ENG<>SP combination because Spanish is not an available language.
    I remember I heard that even though you needed to choose five languages, you kept the option to reset them as you wish. Unfortunately, when reading SDL's literature, I found that once you set the five languages you have no way back. I am trying to see if up to the point of uninstalling, returning the license and reinstalling the application it will give me the chance to change the options. Before doing so, maybe someone could help if they ever heard or experienced anything alike.
    All contributions will be highly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Setting available languages for Trados 2009 Freelancer version

    Before breaking down into tears after receiving no contributions, I made a decision to face the challenge and move forward with the risky steps of returning the license, uninstalling only the 2009 version (including Passolo), re-installing and reactivating it and the...Voilà!!! The Wizard showed up again and I finally completed my task by choosing the right languages. Now I look like a happy camper again! :-)

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