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Thread: foreign language learning

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    Default foreign language learning

    A second foreign language is becoming more and more important for us in our daily life and work. So I want to learn another foreign language to improve myself. But there are so many online courses and schools that I don't know which to choose the best one is. I have only found some related sites, [link provided], [link provided]. I wonder if you could give me some other suggestion or recommendation. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Default Which language are you thinking of?

    there´s a bunch of different courses, it all depends on your needs, your likes, your schedule, your job... etc.
    What would you take a language course? maybe if you have all these ideas clear for you, this will help you find a better course for you...


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    Default UBA in BA

    I can recommend the courses delivered at the University of Buenos Aires...They have all the main languages...and exotic ones include Chinese, Japanese, and if not mistaken even Arabic as well!

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