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And very well, I had to change the whole text and make it look so ridiculous that I was glad I did not have to put my name at the end!!! Just to please him! This is something we must take into account too...the customer. I hope though, that there are not many people like this and the truth is that this has been an only one experience.
Very interesting post, Sandra.

I had a good laugh at your boss, tell you the truth, and immediately my good friend, also from Cuba(!!) came into my mind . she was translating a text about bathrooms and the client would accept "baño, servicio, excusado, vater....we simply couldn't think of any more words. Until my husband said: listen tell her to put "meadero" , let's see what the client has to say then!!
Another funny translation: (credit) card holder= tarjeta habiente

I also love literary texts cause I love to be creative and this type of texts give us certain freedom to translate.
So do I.

So, we always have to adjust to the situation, the type of text, the context, the regional aspects, etc.
I think the answers have been very intersting indeed until now.

Thanks to everybody, so many friends have participated...