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Thread: No more human translations in the future?

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    Too bad, I couldn't vote because the poll was closed. But I think that translations will end up being done by machines, absolutely. Breakthroughs in so many fields are so amazing, beyond belief, why not translating? Maybe they won't be as rich, personal and won't have the depth a human can give them, but, in so many cases... who cares?

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    while it is interesting to think of future possibilities with technology, i believe language is what makes us human. computers will never be able to do the job, it is as simple as that. the computer will only be able to add words to a database and draw on them, computers cannot interpret or create fluidity or add clarity to a text...that is what translators are for and i just hope for the sake of our jobs that it never has to come down to computer translations!

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    Unhappy Never say never!

    Quote Originally Posted by Julio Jaubert
    At this momment (and in the near future) computers aren't close to solve this problem. May be in 10, 20, 30 years... but never say never.
    Jajaja, never say never, and now:


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