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Thread: The three-legged chickens

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    Default The three-legged chickens

    the three-legged chickens

    A man is driving along a countryroad and spots a chicken running in front of him, he accelerates to 100 miles an hour, but the chicken keeps in front, 120 miles...still the chicken runs faster...

    Then the chicken turns and runs into a farmyard.
    The driver is flabbergasted and stops at the farm.
    He notices that all chickens there have three legs ...

    -How come these chickens have three legs? he asks the farmer
    -Well, says the farmer, there is three of us and we all like to eat the legs, so we tried to breed them with three legs, and as you can see, we did it!
    -Well done, replies the driver, are these chickens then still so tasty ?
    -Don’t know, says the farmer, we haven’t been able to catch one yet !

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    Default Re: The three-legged chickens

    hahaha,good one, Frank!
    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
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