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Thread: Lumberjack

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    Default Lumberjack

    In Canada a wood factory is in need of lumberjacks.
    They put an ad in the paper.

    Several men come to apply for the job, most of them huge and with muscles showing.

    There is also a tiny and skinny man and he is turned down for the job.

    -Let me try, I can do it, let me show you! He yells.

    Since they are desperately in need for more workmen, they take him to a little tree.
    He cuts it down with one swing of the axe.
    A slightly bigger tree, WHAM, a big oak tree, WHAM WHAM WHAM all trees are down.

    Whow, they say you are good and hired as our foreman.

    But where did you learn this ?
    In the Sahara desert” the tiny man replies.
    In the Sahara? There are no trees in the Sahara!

    No, not anymore...”

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    Default Re: Lumberjack

    ahahhaahahaha! Très bonne chute Frank, je ne m'y attendais pas... I'll share it with my friends (all rights reserved to respective owner

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