Hi, everyone!

I have two reasons for joining here.

First, I work in a veterinary hospital where we are getting more Spanish-speaking clients. The ability to communicate with them about the problems their pets have is important.

Second, I write (and edit) speculative fiction, mostly short stories although one book was recently released by a publisher. I also self-published a book of speculative poetry and was approached by an indie publisher who wants to do the print version of the book. This publisher has been discussing the idea of a Spanish edition of the book, but with limited budgets, neither the publisher nor I can afford a translator.
I took Spanish in high school (more decades ago than I like to admit ), so the challenge I have is brushing up on what little I knew enough to tackle translating poetry into Spanish.

So, as I take on this challenge, I'm going to need all the advice and input I can get!

Looking forward to being bi-lingual!