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Thread: Can anyone here translate...

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    Default Can anyone here translate...

    Hi, sort of a mini emergency here but I received an email this morning with regards to a flight I will be taking in about a day, but it is in spanish so I have little idea as to what it says. I've tried google translators but not much luck.....can anyone help with this?

    Here is the email;

    Estimado Cliente,

    O seu bilhete está emitido, sendo-lhe reenviada toda a informação necessária correspondente à sua reserva neste correio electrónico.

    Uma vez que se trata de um bilhete electrónico deverá imprimi-lo para o apresentar quando fizer o check-in e deverá também estar em posse documentos necessários de identificação para que lhe entreguem o cartão de embarque.

    Pode confirmar os horários dos vôos 48 h antes no sit check my trip o com a linha aérea.

    A eDreams deseja-lhe uma boa viagem e eu fico ao seu dispor para qualquer outra dúvida ou sugestão.


    If somone could please help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can anyone here translate...

    Ack! I'd love to help, but this is Portugese. I pasted it into Babelfish http://babelfish.yahoo.com/ and could sort of make some of it out. It would be funny, but not in an emergency. Maybe someone else can do a better job:

    Esteem Cliente, Its ticket is emitted, being redispatched to all the corresponding necessary information to it to its reserve in this electrónico post office. A time that if deals with a electrónico ticket will have imprimiz it to present it when to make check-in and will have to also be in ownership necessary documents of identification so that they deliver the boarding pass to it. My can confirm the schedules of 48 flights h before in sit check trip with the airline. eDreams desires a good trip to it and I am to its to make use for any another doubt or suggestion.

    Anyway, I guess your ticket is issued. I'm sure it says you need to have identification to get your boarding pass. I'm pretty sure you need to reconfirm within 48 hours of departure. Why don't you just call the airline and ask? Or do you even know which airline? I don't think it says here, but it does say to reconfirm with the airline or the "check my trip" site, whatever that is.
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    Default This is Portuguese

    Hi, this is not Spanish, it's Portuguese. I'll give it a try though

    Dear Customer,
    Your ticket will be submitted and all the necessary information regarding your booking to this email address.

    If it's an electronic ticket, you should print it to present it at the check-in and you should also present the necessary identification documents to receive your boarding pass.

    You can confirm the flying schedules 48 hours in advance on the website (not so sure about this) chekmytrip.com and the airline.

    eDreams wishes you a good trip and we remain at your service for any doubt or suggestion.
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