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    Hi all! I recently googled this word as it was a common expression during my years in Central America as a military policeman and in Southwest New Mexico as a copper mine worker. Jodido was an incorporated part of the dialogue that I did not understand from my high school and college classes in Spanish. I found a 7 year old thread on this forum and decided to join in case others were interested in dialogue concerning this term.

    It was a man named Angel Acosta who informed me of the etymology of jodido. Okay, ima drop into narrative and maybe those who seek only truth will be frustrated but it was a personal experience and Angel is long gone but still resides in my heart and mind.

    I reveled in breaking the barrier between us gringos and the local Chicano population. Hell, these guys were fun! They called me chimenaiah because I had a side business of cleaning chimneys. Muy Jodido was the common expression when one was in trouble.
    "Angel, what does that mean?"
    "Chimeneiah, jodido comes from Jewish and means you are all all Jewed up!
    Anti-semetic, yes but understand these are Roman Catholics, carrying on a tradition that the worst thing that can happen is if you get screwed by a Jew.

    These experiences are from 50 years ago. Those Hispanics accepted me and I think would have accepted a Jewish coworker. My son recently tried to fix our well and all I could say, while looking on was "Como jodido."

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    Yeah pwinkler, "Jodido" as adjective can means something like "Complicated", "esto es muy jodido", "it is very complicated".
    Other use for "Jodido" is an insult "el jodido policía", "the fucking policeman".

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