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Thread: looking for a translator

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    Default looking for a translator

    Hi all, first of all, sorry about my bad english, I'm spanish. Well I need a translator from spanish to english for a webcomic online. The update rate it will be a page per week, it would be something simple, of course it's an unpaid work, so if anyone is interested in practice it would be a good opportunity for you and a great favour to us. Thanks in advance, greetings¡¡

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    Default Re: looking for a translator

    "Uschi, desearía que me dieras permiso para usar tu linda traducción del video musical WOLGALIED de Youtube en un video de Youtube con diapositivos y como fondo musical. Muchas gracias, Dave Cooper. Por favor, envíame un correo a dcoop00@yahoo.com con tu respuesta. ¡Muchas gracias!"
    And as for your sixties...It's never too late mi friend!

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