First of all, thanks Nadiabond and Diegonel for your help.

And now, here are some other passages that we don’t understand of this documentary that we’re trying to subtitle.

The complete documentary is available online here:

Again, could someone help us to complete the transcription of the fragments that we don’t understand?

These are our doubts (the “-----“ indicates what we don’t understand):

a. Minute 21:33 of the online video.
Or if you preferred, you can download an mp3 audio file of this fragment here:

“Towards the end of April, after the rector of Freiburg University had resigned in protest for this measures, Heidegger astonished almost everyone who knew him by allowing his name to be put in the ---------- to elect the successor”

b. Minute 29:29.
Mp3 audio file:

“He thought that he could get the ear of the new regime and be the éminence grise behind Hitler ------- the country”.

c. Minute 39:29.
Mp3 audio file:

“The philosophy department relocated ----- to Castle Wildenstein”.

d. Minute 47:10
Mp3 audio file:

“Nothing, nothing. And ---------------------------- rage begins”.

Thanks a lot,