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Thread: "little dog"

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    Default "little dog"


    i was wondering how somebody would say 'little dog'

    some sources are saying 'pequeño perro' and others are saying 'perro pequeño' or 'el perro pequeño' so i am unsure of what order the words come. i want to make sure i get this right, as it will be appearing on a logo.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: "little dog"

    The use of the article "el" depends on whether the dog is a specific dog (your dog, somebody else's dog, the company's dog) or just a simple dog. In most cases, it will be "el perro pequeño", but it will depend in what you want to communicate.

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    Default Re: "little dog"

    You could also say "El perrito" it's not literal but it is also said.

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    Hello Brumbies. I agree with Estefania and there is also one thing. In Spanish, we generally put the adjectives after their noun (not before), but if you put it before the noun, there is a semantic difference. For instance, if you say "perro sucio" you're saying that the dog is dirty (but if you bath him, he'll be clean). If you put it before the noun saying "sucio perro", it could mean that the dog is dirty (he's dirty, he likes dirt by nature). I might have gone way tooooooo far trying to explain it, though.

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