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Thread: Always your friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfredo.astort View Post
    Thanks ludmilak!!! I also think gentle's version is alright, "Su amigo de siempre", now that I see it.
    Vicente and Alfredo, I guess it's one of those examples of flavor nuances! Trust me that I'm with you about the "misuse" of the preposition "de" instead of "para", but it always sounds like a more "tropical" sound to me... and I like it. (It makes me dream of Cartagena or a similar place where you feel like at a little piece of heaven on earth! .)

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    Yeap, as a Colombian, "Su amigo de siempre" would sound natural to me. It could also be "Tu amigo de siempre" as "you" can be translated both ways in Spanish.

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