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Thread: Need help translating paragraph!

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    Default Need help translating paragraph!

    My spanish is very rough so I don't want to do this myself. Any help would be appreciated. Here's what I need to translate:

    "Hello, I am from Canada and I am currently working in Scotland. I would like to come to Spain to practice my spanish, and I'm hoping you accept guest artists in your studio. You can see my portfolio here:"

    And that's it. I can do the rest of the stuff I want to say, but these lines are proving tricky. As you can see I need more than a bit of practice with my spanish!!! Thanks in advance to anyone who resonds.
    Muchas gracias amigos!!

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    Default Re: Need help translating paragraph!

    Hi Fatsalty,

    It would be great if you could send your version, but since this is just a small sentence here is my try:

    "Hola, soy canadiense y me encuentro trabajando en Escocia en este momento. Me gustaría ir a España para practicar mi español y espero que acepten artistas invitados en su estudio. Pueden ver mi trabajo aquí:"

    Good luck!

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