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    Hola Quisiera Saber Cual Es El Significado De "shorebase"... Alguien Sabe? .. Ayuda Por Favor

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    Default Re: Pregunta

    en que contexto esta usada esa palabra?

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    A "shorebase" (or "shore base") is merely a base near the edge of a large body of water, probably the ocean. It's function is usually naval and therefore related to ships. In the case of off-shore oil drilling (off-shore = in the ocean, not on land), possibly the company will have a "shorebase", a facility on the coast. Not all naval bases are at the edge of the ocean. The US Navy has, I believe, a naval base in the state of Arizona that collects weather data, hundreds of miles from the ocean. It's "naval" because it belongs to the US Navy, but it's hardly a "shorebase" because it's so far inland. A "shorebase" needs to be near the shore.

    "Shore" is land, that which is not water/ocean/lake. It is not common to hear it used in connection with rivers, but if the river is wide the use would not sound unusual. It can be used to describe the land surrounding a lake, but it's more common to hear it related to the sea, the ocean. When you walk along a beach, you are walking along the shore. When you cross a lake, you see people on the shore. When you look across a lake, you see trees "on the opposite shore".

    "Ship-to-shore" refers to communication or transportation between a ship and the coast.

    When a ship is about to depart from the pier/wharf, and when a crew onboard a ship is permitted to leave the ship, a common warning is "All ashore that's going ashore!" (If you are leaving the ship, please leave now!)

    I hope I've been clear and not confused you more than I've helped.

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