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Thread: Yes We Créu Translation

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    Jejeje, the Creu meanings are the issue, anyway it was very clear in Gabriel explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel_dCF
    "Créu" is an onomatopoeia that imitates the sound of biting something hard. It's used in Brazilian Portuguese to refer to an accomplishment, as in the case of the phrase "Yes, we créu", which I'd translate as "Yes, we did it."

    It's frequently used with sexual innuendo. Remark that, as in Spanish, in Portuguese verbs always end with '-ar', '-er' or '-ir', so "créu" cannot be used directly as a verb, so one generally uses the expression "dar um créu" to refer to sexual intercourse, e.g, "Ele deu um créu nela"/"He ****ed her".
    Thank you Gabriel!

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