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Thread: Translation Checklist - Best Practices for Translators

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    Having a checklist of things to do whenever we are working on a translation project is a good practice for translators.

    This list could include:

    Before you start working on the project:

    Determine your target audience, language, ethnicity, reading level (literacy, specialist), and purpose of the translation.

    Determine the intended quality level for the translation (final product, draft, revision.)

    Develop a list of key health messages your document will convey.

    During the translation process:

    Research all terminology you are in doubt with. Don't hesitate to double check.

    Check the translation against the original sentence by sentence.

    Once you finish the translation and before you send it to your client:

    Read the translation. Determine if it sounds natural.

    Check the layout to make sure it is consistent with the original.

    Run a spell check.

    Double-check conversions of currencies, measurements, temperatures where appropriate.

    Make sure the translation is in the required format and delivered on time

    Request confirmation of receipt from your client

    Can you think of any other item to consider? Don't hestitate to add it to the list!

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    Default Re: Translation Checklist - Best Practices for Translators

    Thank you for sharing valuable Checklist.

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