Hi you experienced translators,

I have a document to translate with Trados "The gardens in the 18th century"

I do the following:

1) Open Trados Workbench
2) Open empty Word file and align that Workbench is on top on Word
3) Go to Menu in Workbench
4) Select "Terminology Recognition Options"

5) And now I am getting confused.

I am getting the Terminology Recognition Option
Termbase says MultiTerm7
Termbase location says Sample (local)
Language Selection says my source and my target language

I click on Browse and then on that green button with the white cross?

Underneath it says Sample. But I don't want to translate a sample but my document "The gardens in the 18th century"

When I click on the Green button with the white cross I am getting another window that says

Local termbases and remote termbases.

It says sample in my term base but I can't see my file with the garden stuff.

I can highlight the sample and click ok.

Then Workbench tells me that my Translation Memory is active. That is very nice but once again, I don't want to translate a sample, I want to translate a file in my documents about gardens!

My questions are these:

I don't want to translate a sample. I want to translate the document with the garden stuff. How can I make sure that I see, find and translate the right file?

How come I don't see my local file with the garden when I click on the green button with the white cross? Why do I just see a sample thing and not all my local documents?

How can I put terms in the database of Trados? In Wordfast, I just highlight source term and translated term and press Control/Alt/T and it is in the glossary. What about with Trados?

Please let me know as some of you are experienced.

I have the SDL tutorial. The problem is that they just explain their sample. They don't tell me how to get to my own file which is in my documents, in a Wordfile named "Gardens from the 18th century"