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Thread: Sharing a TM on a remote desktop

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    Default Sharing a TM on a remote desktop

    Hey guys,
    I recently did a project involving a TM on a remote desktop that we all shared. Everything went smoothly, except one thing. As there were 7 of us translating we all had different sections of one large file. We were given our word counts for the project on these sections in new words, fuzzy, match and rep. However, as the days went by, I noticed that more and more 100% match was coming up, more than expected becuase other translators had translated the same thing. This is great, it is what it is supposed to do to keep consistancy, however it makes a mess at the end for calculating the WC and worse, when the client says "please do not change 100% match". My question is, is there any tool that could show what the memory has stored for the section, while showing that the segment is new to the project? Otherwise, by the time the editor starts, with the instruction to not change 100% match, they will not edit any of the new stuff, thinking it is old...

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    Hi Em,

    Yes, there is a way. You can apply some filters to the project. You may want to look it up in Trados Manual for more details...

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