Hi everyone!

SDL have released a new Hotfix for Trados 2007 Suite, have any of you already installed it?

The most amazing feature that I've noticed is that we can open InDesign CS4!

This is the complete issues addressed:MS PowerPoint 2007 filter

  • Full Smart Art feature support.
  • Content of some tables was not updated in the translated files.
  • In certain cases, the translated file contains corrupted slides when saved back to PowerPoint 2007 .pptx format.
  • In some cases, the translated file cannot be opened it PowerPoint 2007 application

MS Word 2007 filter

  • Files with special table layout cannot be saved back to Word 2007 *.docx format*new
  • Issues with Malayam characters in translated documents
  • Alignment issues when saving into right-to-left languages
  • Urdu, Syriya and Farsi were aligned as left-to-right languages instead right-to-left
  • Certain files cannot be saved as target - unknown tag structure error message was displayed
  • When translating into English - United Kingdom, Arial font was replaced with Verdana in the translated file
  • In some cases the original file wasn't found during backward conversion
  • In some cases the original file cannot be opened for translation
  • In certain circumstances, the translated file cannot be created
  • In some cases, translated file cannot be created when document contains grouped objects
  • Error message "iterateContent" may be displayed when opening specific type of Word document
  • In certain cases, if the hyperlink structure was changed during translation, the translated file cannot be saved back to Word 2007 .docx format.
  • Date/Time fields in a document footer may cause the conversion of a translated document to Word 2007 .docx format to fail.
  • In certain circumstances, moved or removed line break tags can cause the conversion to Word 2007 .docx format to fail.
  • In some cases, when custom property fields are used in the source document, the translated file cannot be saved back to Word 2007 .docx format. Built-in document property fields, such as AUTHOR, are not affected.

MS Excel 2007 filter

  • Translated file cannot be created if hidden columns contain a formula. *new
  • Some macro enabled files cannot be saved as target. *new
  • In certain cases, file cannot be opened and the message "Input string was not in a correct format" is displayed.
  • The sheet names cannot be translated if the sheet contains any linked objects.
  • File cannot be opened in case that it contains complex charts.
  • In some situations, if document contains a table with referenced cells, an error is displayed when opening the translated document in Microsoft Excel 2007.
  • In some cases, content of merged cells is not properly placed in translated document.
  • In certain cases, hyperlink text is not extracted for translation.
  • Comment content assigned to an empty cell is not extracted for translation.

S-Tagger for Interleaf/QuickSilver

  • Support for documents created in QuickSilver version 3.5
  • In certain cases, an Interleaf/QuickSilver file, which contains a tab followed by a vertical bar, cannot be back-converted.
  • When a file contains a graphic box, text after this object is missing in the translated file.
  • S-Tagger closes down when back-converting an Interleaf/QuickSilver file with the following error message: STagger.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Special characters in index place holder properties or component names may disappear or be corrupted after backconverting an Interleaf/QuickSilver document.
  • The conversion of certain Unicode characters - for example en dash, em dash, smart quotes - may not be correct.
  • Special characters (such as the German umlaut "ü") in automatic number series may prevent back conversion of Interleaf/QuickSilver files.
  • Interleaf/QuickSilver documents with special characters in table footnotes cannot be back converted.
  • The last character at the end of a segment in Interleaf/QuickSilver documents may not be back converted correctly.

S-Tagger for FrameMaker

  • MIF 9 is not supported in "S-Tagger for FrameMaker" and "FontMapper for FrameMaker".
  • In certain cases when extended characters are used in cross-references files cannot be converted back to MIF
  • In some cases, MIF 7 files with Japanese as source language cannot be converted on a Japanese operating system, or the characters may be corrupted in the converted TTX documents after opening them in TagEditor. Also MIF 8 files may not be converted correctly when using Japanese as a source language.
  • In some cases, MIF 8 documents with Japanese as target language cannot be back converted on Japanese operating systems, while this works fine on non-Japanese operating systems.
  • In certain cases, special characters, such as arrows in numbered paragraphs, may be corrupted in the translated file.
  • The back conversion process may corrupt sentences with apostrophes, backslashes and grave accent characters.

InDesign CS2-CS4 filter

  • Certain files cannot be back converted to INX format due to unexpected tag errors.
  • Processing of large files is not possible all times, "File too large" error is displayed.
  • In certain cases, paragraph style of text style range may be set to null
  • Support for InDesign CS4
  • Translated table content may not be transferred back to the translated file.
  • In certain cases, the line spacing in a paragraph may be changed in the translated file.
  • Index markers in CS3 files may be removed in the translated file.
  • Additional Byte Order Mark characters may get added to a translated file during the translation process, causing crashes in InDesign on opening these files.
  • Text formatting in translated files may get changed under certain circumstances.
  • Some Japanese characters may be converted to symbol placeholder fields rather than actual characters.
  • In certain cases, an inline graphic may be removed in the translated file.
  • In certain cases, SDLX cannot open an INX file and the error "TTX file is not well formed!" appears (this issue only occurs in SDLX, it does not occur in TagEditor and SDL Trados Studio 2009)

MS PowerPoint XP-2003 filter

  • In some cases, error "'text' has no translatable items" is displayed when saving translated document.
  • In certain cases, if the master slide in a PowerPoint presentation contains custom textboxes, the file cannot be opened for translation.

MS Word 2000-2003 filter

  • Malayalam characters in translated file were corrupted. *new
  • Wingdigns characters in specific files were incorectly displayed in translated file.*new

Java properties filter

  • Java properties files encoded as ISO 8859-1 are encoded as UTF-8 when creating the translated versions of the files.

Problem when using SDLX to create a translation from a MS Word (.doc)-based ITD file

  • In certain rare cases, when you try to create a translation for a Microsoft Word (.doc)-based ITD document, SDLX displays the error End tag does not have a matching start tag and the file cannot be saved.