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Thread: Need Help Translating, History Research

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    Default Re: Need Help Translating, History Research

    Welcome Cheesetorian. That's an excellent topic.
    I can only understand a few words in Spanish. Do you get it from this link? Maybe the creators of the website can help you too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesetorian View Post
    Hi all, I am a Filipino-American historian doing research on Filipino history (on this article I'm doing on ancient Filipino cooking traditions) and many of my subject matter are in Spanish. I have limited knowledge of the language (just the very basic) and much of the sources are in classical Spanish.

    I'm currently trying to decipher an old Tagalog dictionary and one of the entries stumped me because its very technical, I am wondering if any of you people can help me.

    It's as follows:

    "Agrßz : Iba pc : de la tierra, rutilla agria y blanca, con un guesešillo dentro, conservada pareše gindi en conserva, ybaan mo ang la oya, hecha agraz en la olla."

    Salamat/Gracias in advanced,


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    Default Re: Need Help Translating, History Research

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesetorian View Post
    [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]"...aguelo segun es costumbre, que es a dos gantas devino acabado de hašer, hechar media de agua, para que lo temple."
    Let me try this: "...dilute it as it is customary, that is, to add half a ganta of water to two gantas of a youthful wine, in order to tone it down..." You can later add a Note from the Translator with the equivalent metrics (1 ganta = 3.17 US qts.)

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