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    Hey lads. It's me again. Now I am wondering how could you translate this subtitle into spanish

    "the nonmaterial base of discourse"

    The context is the studies held in critical discourse analysis and critical applied linguistics. I get the idea, but I am still without a hint of how to put it in a natural way in spanish.

    Here there is more context

    It is a fragment that has this subtitle, in the section Ideology, Discourse, Truth and Power, from chapter IV "The politics of text" of the book Critical Applied Linguistics, by Alaistair Pennycook.

    It talks about the objections Foucault posted to the cannon notions of ideology.
    He critiques the common association of power with cominant groups, so that he problematizes the essentialist given conception of power, regarding langauge.
    He refuses the stance created by critical modernism that, according to him, has obscured the way forward a plentiful development of critical applied linguistics.

    The matter of concern is that the word nonmaterial base is not pronounced anymore, though explained.

    And Old

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    Default Re: nonmaterial

    I believe "parte inmaterial" is ok


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