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Thread: critical language awareness

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    Default critical language awareness

    critical language awareness
    Hey there

    I have to translate the term Critical Language Awareness (CLA) into spanish, and despite I understand it and what it is about, there is little or none literature about it in spanish and I was wondering if any of you has a suggestion for me. I appreciate you help, lads and gals.

    And Old

    this is an approach regarding discourse analysis and current linguistics, it may help

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    Default Re: critical language awareness

    If its what you say (i have not checked it myself) taht there is little literature about it, I would keep the name and explain its meaning between brackets.



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    Default Re: critical language awareness

    Hi An Old, I've been googleing your question, and guess what? I've been on WR. I agree with the German member and as them I'd use "lenguaje" and not "lengua" since "lenguaje" is the "ability we have, as human beings of having (a) "lengua".
    When I studied to become a "lengua" teacher (although we say "el lenguaje matemático""el lenguaje arcaico" we say "la lengua inglesa" "la lengua madre" (ie: mother tongue NOT mother language!) , our teacher used to say this.

    Hope this helps
    Auf Wiedersehen!
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